Spring Porch Planters

When planting containers around the porch it’s important to keep in mind how you can re-purpose the plants elsewhere around the yard after their season has completed.  This won’t be true for all your selections as some annuals are simply irresistible. Recycling and reuse of plants will help grow your gardens and keep costs low.  I like to think of the new plants getting ‘showcased’ in the planters before their introduction into the gardens.  Unlike my usual planned out basket choices, this season of Spring was gifted to me.  I was given Primroses and Dutch Iris bulbs from a friend.  I put one primrose in each basket, alternating between yellow and pink.  I inserted the bulbs staggering through the baskets. The tops of the irises will make for a small privacy walls around the patio table.
Flowers Planted:

Primroses & Dutch Irises

Pink PrimroseYellow Primrose 


I’m not a usual fan of primroses due to the usual upkeep of them.  On the upside, their bright colors and determination of hardiness in the late winter months is what makes me appreciate these perennials the most.
Pink and Yellow
I’m a stickler on primrose pruning.  Even a day or two without attention can lead to mold or leaf rot. However, some gardeners can let theirs go with no pruning and they are still pleased with the results they see.  To the gardener be their preference.
Dutch Iris
Dutch Irises
This is my first year growing these bulbs. They were a gift from a dear friend that has a deep love for them.
This last year I had to clear our iris bed due to overcrowding, so bringing in this bulb as a replacement will give more opportunities for bed design.
Yellow, Lavender and White
After flowers have bloomed and are spent, remove petals.  Keep stem and leaves around as long as possible, and feed just as if it were still in blossom.  Doing this process will help bring back a bigger bloom the following year.

You can transplant the flowers once you are ready to start your Summer porch mix.  Leaves may reemerge, but they will safely go back into hibernation once the cool Fall weather has set in.

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