Blueberry Bliss

There’s nothing like plucking fresh blueberries for your morning cereal, a light snack, or last minute dessert toppings.  Having a blueberry bush can cater to many different culinary experiences, which makes the annual maintenance well worth the job. 



Once you see the start of leaf growth and blossoms on the shrub it is time to start pruning.  I like to wait until the end of March to start pruning.  This allows for plenty of time for the leaf growth, and helps you avoid pruning potential producing branches.  Look through the bountiful branches to seek out dead wood, and trim just above the knot of the producing branch it may be attached to.  Completing this task will produce a larger harvest the following year.  You can also shape your shrub if you so desire, which means you will have to cut some potential producers.  However, this will not harm the bush. 



If you’re looking to increase your chances of a larger harvest then it is a good idea to throw a plastic net over the shrub.  This will help minimize the chances of your blueberries becoming a fly-by snack for traveling birds.  Also, proving to be quite tricky for meandering raccoons to grab a late night meal from. 


Once blueberries have come to a partial to full blue color, they are ready for picking. 




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