Endless Summer Soirées

Endless Summer Soriees

Summer is in full swing, which for many season lovers means countless barbeque’s, tireless yard games, and those endless summer soirées on the back porch.

In trying to figure out how we could stretch those summer nights, we knew there had to be a resolution to those unsolicited, pesquie mosquitoes.  This year we made it a priority to not let these pests crash our merriment in hopes that we may take in the full delight of the twilight.  It’s not too late for you to construct an invite-only summer evening as well.  Here’s how we created our pest free porch this season…

We filled our porch planters with native repelling mosquito herbs, that can also be used in a vast variety of mouthwatering recipes.  Also, having aspirations for a Moon Garden this year, we dressed each basket with white florets that illuminate the railings in the evening, and guide guests along their wandering ways in the moon light.
There were concerns raised around the pollinating traffic and if they would make their customary large appearances, as the traditional warm season baskets are filled with an abundant floral variety with vibrant splashes of color.  We were pleasantly surprised though how these baskets went from a simple meal for our pollinators, to a full on buffet.

Bee Buffet
Here’s what’s in the baskets this season…  Enjoy!

Magic Mountain Basil

Color: Purple

This herb is loved by all pollinators and seems to leave them always wanting more.  From bees to hummingbirds, they simply can’t get enough. Contrasting your traditional basil, but can be used just the same.  The leaflets add beautiful color to each bite of your bruschetta or seasonal pasta salad.

Magic Mountain BasilFront Basil Leaf
Back Basil Leaf - Copy

Lemon Grass
Color: Lime Green

This herb is a leader in repelling mosquitoes.  It can be planted as a compliment to a larger floral arrangement or can make a considerable solo appearance in a sizable planter.  Lemon grass is a great compliment to Asian cuisines and in particular, Thai recipes.

Lemon Grass


Color: Green with Hints of Gray & Silver

Brushing up against this herb will give senses instant gratification.  It can be used in many different recipes, dried and saved for hearty fall meals, or simply thrown on the coals for smoking your grill selections of the evening.  Rosemary is sure to never let your dinner down.


White Floral Selections

A seasonal favorite.  With the tropical theme painted through-out the baskets, we of course had to throw some subtle shades of pink in.


Alpine Poppies

This is our first season growing poppies, and we have yet to be downcast.  Once the bloom cycle is complete, the center of the flower becomes a seed pod, ready to jump back into the soil.
Poppy Fixed
Poppy Seeds

Snowstorm Snow Globes
Erratically used, and always pleases.  This trailer is great for baskets.  The small bloom proving to be pollinator favorite.

Snow Storm

Snow Storm Trailing

Sweet Potato Vines
A seasonal must-have.  Last year was a first year growing this cascading vine.  A warm reminder of a town nestled in the hills of the Cascade Mountain range, where we honeymooned, just 2 hours East of the cottage in Leavenworth, WA.  The streets and Bavarian balconies are decorated with trailing vines in shades of lime-green, and midnight purple.  You’re sure to see these delightful vines adorning the cottage next year too.

Sweet Potato Leaf
Sweet Potato Vine Sky
Cascading Potato Vine
Enjoy your Summer!

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